понедељак, 12. септембар 2016.

Crtež namenjen humanitarnoj aukciji. Sjajan gest organizatora Herceg Novskog strip festivala koji će nadam se uspeti u svojoj nameri da nekome kome je to neophodno pomognu. Zaista mi je čast da u okvirima mojih mogućnosti pomognem, podržim ovu akciju! ***** Drawing intended for a charity auction. Great gesture from organizers of Herceg Novi comic festival! I hope that they will succeed in their intention to help someone in need of such help. I'm really honored that in terms of my ability to help I could support this action!

среда, 20. јул 2016.

In 2 weeks. The War is out! Panel from my new episode of Adam Wild done for SergioBonelliEditore SergioBonelliEditore site preview. Check the link---- http://www.sergiobonelli.it/albo/adam-wild/40927/colenso.html

четвртак, 4. фебруар 2016.

Page from my new AdamWild episode, Summertime episode ;-). . the one that I like to call "diehard" one 'cause of all that action in it. I'm on last pages these days so it is right time for first wholepage preview. .

понедељак, 1. фебруар 2016.

"lost" -- one of the speed drawings as a warm-up for the working day-- . . . #2016AD #people #directions

недеља, 24. јануар 2016.

#‎sneakpeek‬ ‪#‎teaser‬ ‪#‎panel ‬Panel from one project that I'm workin' on. I must admit that I have not done anything like this before. Everything about this story is unusual, and that is always good for comics. As far as I'm concerned. .

недеља, 17. јануар 2016.

Panel from my second ADAM WILD episode that I'm finishing for Sergio Bonelli Editore. . Episode with "die hard" Action all the time and everywhere, on so many levels. Workin' with great joy on this one because it is great story, really The Big one from Gianfranco Manfredi! This summer on newsstands in Italy. .